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Run your own Capital Steel Buildings Business, and operate as a distributor offering building design solutions to clients. Our packages vary due to the vast amount of products available. If you are interested in selling our kits and are a motivated individual, prepared to devote the time and energy to develop a successful business, then a CSB distributorship could be for you.

Fully Engineered Buildings

All buildings designed by CSB are fully engineered taking into consideration the location, wind loads and snow loads in that location, and usage, ensuring a fit for purpose and durable building. Unlike other cold rolled steel building suppliers, CSB have been accredited the now mandatory CE mark for our design protocol, not just for our materials, meaning your building will be fully compliant with British Standards and European Standards. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our product, as market leaders in the industry.

Why Choose CSB

  • Fully Engineered & CE Compliant Structure
  • FREE Quotations
  • Only 3-4 Week Delivery Turnaround on All Buildings
  • Structural Calculations Available For All Buildings
  • All Steel manufactured in the UK
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Will I need an architect?
The reason CSB buildings are so cost effective and easy to erect is that they are designed using the portal frame method. In other words, they have a constant cross section of columns and rafters with a pitched roof and are made up of a number of ‘bays’ depending on their length. It means that even with the wide range of buildings and sizes that we can design, the design method stays simple. Their construction and installation is very standard. CSB also supply elevation drawings, footings and floor plans with quotations to be given to planning departments and will support you in providing all of the relevant information.

Will I need planning permission?
CSB steel buildings are intended as permanent structures, so it is very likely that you will, however check with your local authority. CSB will provide drawings and information required by the planning department.

What kind of cladding will I need?
CSB will design any building to your own specific requirements. However, if you are not 100% sure what cladding you need, we will discuss your options with you and advise you on what suits. For many garages, workshops and barns single skin is sufficient but when you are using a building with heating installed, or spending a lot of time in it, we would recommend insulated panels. CSB have a whole range of thicknesses for all different uses, and with fire ratings.

Can I get a steel extension to an existing building?
Yes, we can extend any building with a portal frame, or adding a lean-to is great for creating additional storage space.

Is there any upkeep/maintenance required on a CSB building?
All buildings are very low maintenance. The steel frame is fully galvanised and long lasting. Our cladding options include a cost effective plastisol coated cladding which is extremely durable, long lasting and scratch resistant. Our building also come with warranties on all products up to 25 years.

Are the buildings secure?
CSB have many roller door, personnel door and sectional door options which all come with secure locking systems. A CSB building is an ideal solution for storing anything from classic cars to tools and machinery.