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Capital Steel Buildings is a well-established UK steel building company, and to take us into the future, we are looking for motivated entrepreneurs.

As a CSB Distributor you’ll have:

  • Excellent personal and on-line support. We pride ourselves on the training we offer
  • On-line systems designed to make communication at all levels of your business as streamlined as possible
  • Track your orders, make your payments and notify suppliers through our bespoke Distributor Ordering System (DOS)
  • Great value – the pricing of our buildings is very competitive
  • Intuitive and fast design software enabling you to confidently turn around quotes very quickly
  • The potential to develop the type of business you want with, of course, the commensurate rewards

So if this whets your appetite then call 0141 404 9360

Alternatively, for more information on becoming a distributor with Capital Steel, please enter your details into the form.

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